John K. Harrell

John K. Harrell

A full-time professional artist since 1996, John K. Harrell finds that his artistic eye inspires him most of all to use color, light and form, in ways that celebrate the beauty and the poignancy of the seemingly commonplace. He is an artist who delights in color and shape, whose technique is classical, impressionistic, and whose work virtually sings of his personal love affair with life.

His 18 years of painting, perfecting his craft and trusting his eye, have taken his art to new levels of expression in areas not only in the realm of representational art but abstract as well. He allows whatever he is experiencing at the moment to get his complete attention and to be his guide to an abundant wonderfully fulfilled and happy journey. "Being an artist is doing what comes naturally. My subjects choose me – their patterns and shapes, their sense of rhythm and movement, inspire my creative energy.

"I never know what is going to catch my eye and love that fact as it always keeps my art new and exciting.” ~John K. Harrell

"Pastel and acrylic allow me to capture the immediacy of the experience. In sharing my perceptions of a moment, I am sharing the moment and the beauty of it.”

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, John’s earliest memories involve drawing - always drawing. His Father still recounts amazement at his natural ability, even as a young boy, to properly locate arms and legs on active figures. In his youth he was also supported by the encouragement of his grandmother who painted beside him. For John, art comes naturally - it is a gift. And that gift compels him to be the best artist he can be. He later studied at the Colorado State University and attended classes at the Art Students League of Denver, Colorado. He has made Denver his home and opened Brushstrokes Studio – Gallery in Denver where he has cultivated a strong loyal national and local following.

John at times has been distracted by his other gifts, from Professional Landscape Architect to Beekeeping. In all of his pursuits he has tried to do work that is unreasonably good; work that is art. John K. Harrell has always been, and will always be an artist.

Awards and Shows

John K. Harrell Art

Early in John K. Harrell’s career his focus was to enter national and local art shows and exhibitions. His intention was to establish himself as a credible artist both with his peers and to art collectors locally and internationally. Seeing swift success, he won his first award in the National Pastel Society of America show in New York. This led to his first one man show in Denver, at Mastien Fine Art. Subsequent shows locally led to his big break as the local Public Television’s annual fine art action commemorative poster artist. This honor gave him the exposure he needed to catapult his presence in the Denver art scene. From there his acceptance into national noted shows produced by the National and Colorado Pastel Society of America, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and American Impressionist Society became his affiliated focus.

His love for both understanding the business of art and perfecting his process led him to great success finding independent gallery representation and to open his own gallery, Brushstrokes Studio - Gallery in 2002 with his longtime friends and fellow artists Kit Mahoney, Anita Mosher and Kelly Berger. Since that time his artistic focus has been on his own gallery’s shows and that of his national and international gallery representatives. His juried show participation is select and meaningful to him.

Associations and Memberships

  • National Oil and Acrylic Painters of America
  • National Pastel Society of America
  • Colorado Pastel Society

Gallery Representation

Selected Corporate Collections

  • Texaco Corporate Headquarters - New York, New York
  • Saint Joseph Hospital - Denver, Colorado
  • Denver Downtown Partnership - Denver, Colorado
  • Great West Life - Denver, Colorado
  • Children’s Hospital Denver - Denver, Colorado
  • Pfizer Pharmaceutical - Denver, Colorado
  • United Western Bank - Denver, Colorado


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  • Pastel Society of America Master Pastelist Signification - 2004
  • Pastel Society of America National Juried Show, A & A Giffuni Purchase Award - 2004
  • Rocky Mountain Public TV Anniversary Collection, Commemorative Poster Artist - 2001
  • Rocky Mountain Public TV Anniversary Collection, Commemorative Poster Artist - 1998