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Kit Hevron Mahoney painting in the studio

Kit Hevron Mahoney

Kit is an award-winning artist with over 25 years of experience who has developed her own unique contemporary representational and abstract painting styles using a palette knife and brushes. Read more...

John K. Harrell painting in the studio

John K. Harrell

John K. Harrell’s earliest memories involve drawing - always drawing. His Father still recounts amazement at his natural ability, even as a young boy, to properly locate arms and legs on active figures. Read more...

Kelly Berger painting in the studio

Kelly Berger

“Contemporary representational paintings” aptly describes Kelly Berger’s art. Drawn to bold color, light and perspective, Kelly’s work has quickly garnered regional attention, inclusion in Read more...

Anita Mosher painting in the field

Anita Mosher

Anita Mosher is an American impressionist trained in the Russian school of painting. Anita is an award winning artist noted for her brilliant use of color and exuberant strokes across the canvas. Read more...